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1989-2004 Atlas Group – history of the wars in Lebannon. possibility and limits of writing. Archives:
type A – authored
type FD – “found”
Atlas Group Productions

created notebooks by main historian – Dr. Fakhouri – i.e. photofinish notebooks – historian betting on how far off will the photographer’s “photofinish” be.

It is photographic documents of artifacts in the archive that more important than the objects themselves. Look up 2 film camers Dr. Fakhouri always had with him.

My neck is thinner than a hair: A History of Car Bombs in the Lebannon Wars (1975-1991) 3,641 car bombs during these years

New project:
Scratching on things I could disavow: A history of art in the Arab World
part 1/volume 1/ chapter 1

“Art as alternative asset class.” – Mutual Art and Artist Pension Trust

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