Viral Photo Of Syrian War Victims

Viral Photo Of Syrian War Victims Comes To Times Square

First and last paragraphs of disturbing story about what is happening in Syria and the power and powerlessness of photography. 

[from NPR Parallels blog] The image is epic. It shows thousands of desperate people waiting in a gray canyon of rubble framed by shattered buildings to receive food aid in Yarmouk camp, near Damascus. The photo was shared millions of times last month via social media, and on Thursday, the image appears on a big screen in New York’s Times Square in an effort to focus attention on besieged neighborhoods inside Syria and civilians who are literally starving to death.


And that brings us back to the photograph from Yarmouk camp, which sparked a social media campaign, generated international sympathy, made a debut in Times Square, but has done little to open the many other besieged neighborhoods in Syria. [link to full story and audio]