Marie Colvin – Remi Ochlik

Looking at the coverage of Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik’s deaths in Syria.


Marie Colvin: War Reports,  The Sunday Times

American Reporter Marie Colvin’s Final Dispatches From Homs [Lede Blog]

Ghastly Images Flow from Shattered Syrian City [NY Times] Photo of activist in Homs, Syria, pointing to the bodies of the journalists Rémi Ochlik and Marie Colvin printed very small with no ability to enlarge.

Syrian Activist Rami-al-Sayed YouTube Channel

Remi Ochlik website
Remi Ochlik photojournalism
@ Guardian

Tyeler Hicks Famine photo

Photo Makes Somalia’s Famine Front Page News : The Picture Show : NPR

On Aug. 2, when most U.S. papers ran a front page photograph of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ return to the House, The New York Times went with Hicks’ photo from Banadir Hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia.

I don’t want to put the photo here – only the link. Hard to look/must look/

more related to this.
14 more photos
News story

the photos became news: google search 5 days later

CBS thinks news photos can spark action

Tyler Hicks people page on NYT

Joy and Terror in Two Sudans by Tyler Hicks, lens blog, July 8, 2011

“Iraqi Child in Acclaimed War Photo Tries to Move On”

Face That Screamed War’s Pain Looks Back, 6 Hard Years Later

via Iraqi Child in Acclaimed War Photo Tries to Move On –

I am surprised that this photograph was shielded from her for 6 years. The story is cruel. It appears that she was shown the photograph for the time in in front of a camera (and hence strangers). And her story is not a happy one, and I can’t help but wonder how this article and attention will not re-inflict the pain. Will this help her “move on?’

EGYPT – conflict, anger, unrest, protest, on the Edge

Can’t stop watching/listening to Al Jazeera Live Stream from Egypt. The revolution will not be televised, but it is being streamed and tweeted at least to those of us outside Egypt. I read the paper for perspective and putting everything together from the day before.

Live updates from the Guardian

Aljazeera has its Anger in Egypt page with its own logo. And great collection of photos.

BBC calls it Egypt Unrest day #
ABC is the only network news as if today has a logo online for the conflict

The New York Times hasn’t named its coverage but the Lede Blog is even active on a Sunday.
MSNBC surprised me with how through and well organized its coverage is – link
At the Huffington Post, it is Egypt on Edge

And this article I was led to from a link from Facebook: The “Women Of The Egyptian Revolution” Compilation Being Made by Leil-Zahra Mortada.(Dialup Warning) – Democratic Underground.
The photo above when see on the Democratic Underground collection , the women stood out immediately. As the front image on today’s New York Times Week in Review, I was so struck by the action in the photo, the woman as the centerpiece only became apparent after prolonged viewing.

Collection of tweets on Huffington Post

Blogging Conflict on the Street

photo above from September 22, 2010, 6:11 PM- a twit pic from the blogger/activist Joseph Dana. Found it as I was reading the Lede blog this morning and following links from more current stories [link]

His site led me to a blog he writes for which looks like a good source for news on Palestinian/Israeli conflict: +972

972 is a blog-based web magazine that is jointly owned by a group of Israeli journalists and bloggers. The writers’ goal is to provide fresh, original, on-the-ground analysis and reporting of events in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The name of the magazine is derived from the telephone area code that is shared by Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Another disturbing post on 972, Tuesday, September 21 2010 by Lisa Goldman
The things they see: children at play in Jerusalem