EGYPT – conflict, anger, unrest, protest, on the Edge

Can’t stop watching/listening to Al Jazeera Live Stream from Egypt. The revolution will not be televised, but it is being streamed and tweeted at least to those of us outside Egypt. I read the paper for perspective and putting everything together from the day before.

Live updates from the Guardian

Aljazeera has its Anger in Egypt page with its own logo. And great collection of photos.

BBC calls it Egypt Unrest day #
ABC is the only network news as if today has a logo online for the conflict

The New York Times hasn’t named its coverage but the Lede Blog is even active on a Sunday.
MSNBC surprised me with how through and well organized its coverage is – link
At the Huffington Post, it is Egypt on Edge

And this article I was led to from a link from Facebook: The “Women Of The Egyptian Revolution” Compilation Being Made by Leil-Zahra Mortada.(Dialup Warning) – Democratic Underground.
The photo above when see on the Democratic Underground collection , the women stood out immediately. As the front image on today’s New York Times Week in Review, I was so struck by the action in the photo, the woman as the centerpiece only became apparent after prolonged viewing.

Collection of tweets on Huffington Post

The Challenger Explosion 01.28.1986

I remember that I was in the shoe repair store on Bleecker between Broadway and Lafayette and there was a small TV mounted near the ceiling. As I either dropping off or picking up my shoes, there I saw the crash. The owner and I did not know what we looked at. It soon became clear. I think of the Challenger explosion everytime I pass that store.

Original ABC newcast with Peter Jennings = incredible. I recorded the audio AND
CNN live video of Challenger Crash Jan. 28, 1986

Excellent coverage with original photos, interactive, and more on MSNBC

original TODAY show coverage from the next day 1.19.1986 with Jane Pauly

Aftermath of Tucson Shooting

info from Tucson Arizona Daily Star

Can’t read enough about Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting. I was struck yesterday how there were no postings of the scene or anything bloody – just smiling photos of Gifford. News media definitely approaches mass killing related to politicians differently in this country than in others. I actually admire the restraint in this case but will do some comparison research at a later date. Right now I just check in hoping her condition improves and look for intelligent analysis.

West Bank Flotilla and protests

Eyewitness video from protest on Monday, 5-31, against the commando raid on the flotilla at a West Bank check point just after Emily Henochowicz, a student from Cooper Union, was wounded showed her being carried away for treatment by fellow activists from the International Solidarity Movement.
more from the Lede Blog with eyewitness accounts and more links.

great reporting from Democracy Now

more links to add – no words since video and eyewitnesses show the tragedy and Israeli stupidity.