Front Pages & 365 Days of Print

Front Pages | “All the News That’s Fit without Print”

Found a tumblr site of my dreams – front pages of all my papers
NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, SF Chronicle.

365 Days of Prints

I am part of the first group of 10 artists participating in Maya Joseph–Goteiner’s 365 Days of Prints where every day a new photograph, installation, or object. Produced — sewn— built— inspired by the daily newspaper.

Interacting with Philip IV, Restored

Philip IV, Restored – Interactive Feature –

After technical studies and a yearlong restoration, curators and conservators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art now believe that a full-length portrait of Philip IV that has been in the Met’s collection since 1914 is by Velázquez and not his workshop. The attribution reverses a finding made in 1973 when museum officials downgraded this portrait, along with 299 other old master paintings, saying they were either by the artist’s workshop or a follower.

Reconsidered, a Met Velázquez Is Vindicated article by Carol Vogel

Net activism links

I am becoming more and more interested in net activism and will be co-teaching a course on Art and Resistance with Diana Taylor and Jesusa Rodriguez in Chiapas this summer through The Hemispheric Institute

In between the movements
An ongoing video project about local & global justice movements by Martin Krenn

Other projects:

NetAction Virtual Activist Training Guide
Virtual Activist 2.0

Transborder Immigrant Tool
Using GPS to help mexicans cross the border safely
[interview with Ricardo Dominguez in Vice Magazine, creator]

UPDATE: Ricardo Dominguez’s job threatened as a result of the Transborder Immigrant Tool – link

b.a.n.g. lab *Bits.Atoms.Neurons.Genes*
Micro_Gestures at the Edge of Invisibility is an On/Off line space for artists in the Visual Arts Department at UCSD to explore and present works at the edge of invisibility, at the edge of the digital and biological, at the edge of micro-robotics and nano-art, from in-virtu to in-vivo works and back.
The b.a.n.g. lab is directed by Ricardo Dominguez.

Insuma TV  IsumaTV is an independent interactive network of Inuit and Indigenous multimedia. IsumaTV uses the power and immediacy of the Web to bring people together to tell stories and support change. Tools enable Indigenous people to express reality in their own voices: views of the past, anxieties about the present and hopes for a more decent and honorable future.

Resistencia creativ@ [in spanish]

the web as exhibition space

I have been thinking a great deal about the under use of the web as an exhibition space—web projects should be like artists books where the web project is the art work and is not just presenting images that look better ‘in the flesh’. I am pushing my students and pushing myself.
So here is my first of what will be a series of web experiments


and here is Eyetest in real space

Thanks to Diane Bertolo and Jon Meyer
for helping me make Eyetest in cyberspace.
It is my first leap into javascript.

I get by with help from my talented and generous friends.