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Won Ju Lim
installation in Bejing 24 seconds of silence

Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga

Andrea Polli

Michelle Nagai: treetheater

NY Soundmap
NYSoundmap is a container – a concept or idea to hold many types of processes and projects. The project reaches across the city’s geographic, economic, educational, cultural and racial divides. It is at once a historical record and a subjective representation of the city. It is what each user wishes it to be and it is ever growing, ever changing and totally interactive.



Hollis Frampton, Nostaglia, 1971 [more info]

Gloria, 1979
Hollis Frampton on Hollis Frampton

I remember when he came to SAIC my first year – did not get it. must look up readings when I am home.

– good source of books,movies, texts, etc, Art Torrents. Closed on 9-7-08 but remains as archive

Definitions of nostalgia on the Web:

  • comes from Greek nostos “homeward journey, return home” and algos “pain” – with the word nostos originally referring to the …
  • homesickness
  • Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!’ ~Owens Lee Pomeroy~
  • longing for something past
  • Nostalgia describes a longing for the past, often in idealized form. Nostalgia may or may not also be known as homesickness. The exact meaning changed over time and today nostalgia isn’t what it used to be
  • (nostalgia) is a 31 minute 1971 film by artist Hollis Frampton (1936–1984). The film is composed of still black and white photographs taken by Frampton during his early artistic explorations which are slowly burned on the element of a hot plate, while the soundtrack offers personal comments on … (film)
  • A bittersweet yearning for the things of the past
  • Combat Camera

    from dvids via flickr

    Combat Camera
    A new find – COMBAT CAMERA
    plugged in night patrol to google images and came across the blog The Tension
    jumped to this post – Combat Camera: Troops Conduct Night Mission in Baqubah, Iraq – and came across a whole new world online

    dvids Digital Video and Imagery Distribution System
    Russell Lee Klika, combat camera photograher, “Iraq, thru the eyes of an American Soldier”

    why we are here – frightening photo which now makes me skeptical of all the above links in terms of objectivity, and I was already skeptical.

    combat camera on

    DefenseLink – US Dept of Defense


    BANG-ON REENLISTMENT – U.S. Air Force Capt. Joshua Tyler, left, re-enlists Staff Sgt. Andrew Petrulis, Explosive Ordnance Division craftsman, at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan, Oct. 27, 2008. Petrulis’ teammates took advantage of a training opportunity to time the “fireball” detonation at a safe distance to make the reenlistment a more memorable event for their comrade. Tyler and Petrulis are assigned to the 755th Air Expeditionary Group Explosive Ordinance Disposal Operating Location. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Samuel Morse – Nov 4, 2008 logo

    1.25.08 (from January front page photos)

    DOD photo essays !!!
    Korean War 50th Anniversary via DOD

    Arab Image Foundation – Reloading Images

    Akram Zaatari is coming today so I am revisiting the Arab Image Foundation and was led to this review about one of his exhibitions. am esp. struck by this passage – (i added bold)

    • …preservation of documents from the Middle East and North Africa. Zaatari is from Lebanon, a country whose history is marred by both physical annihilation and memory-related erosion, and his artistic practice is bound to a concept of salvaging the past, of preserving documents and collecting stories that contrast with the official state version of history.

    was led to reloading images social network Damascus
    and found artist KAYA. His website

    Reloading Images is a collective of artists and cultural producers. Reloading Images analyzes and investigates images and opinions about the “here” and “there” and the “Orient” and “Occident,” attempting to find means of visualization for these particular themes that go beyond the clichéd and polarized positions of the mass media. Through this, Reloading Images wishes to acquire a differentiated method of observation to view the “Other” as well as the “Self”.
    (project of NewYorkRioTokyo)
    Land(e)scape – image of nature and the nature of the image Read this later in relation to my landscape work.
    The Picture in the Mirror
    Images, Perception and Stereotypes

    Net art wanderings

    Visual Foreign Correspondents – a monthly series of audio-visual artworks for a number of screen based platforms. Distinguished artists from around the world are invited to give their personal visual commentary on events and situations from their locally situated perspective.
    – Issue #10, “Morning of the Mongoloids” Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries, plus interview with them.

    Went to YH Chang site – take a closer look at: Urgent Request (and Mongoloid – in two versions on yhchang site and on the VFC site.
    good to show class: Resume I

    Joseph Delappe Ghandi Salt March Re-enactment, blog

    witnesses of war

    Farah Nosh
    Canadian photojournalist who has lived in Iraq, Lebannon
    -interesting use of sound on her website- sound runs-look at images at your own pace. people saying something in their own language but unable to understand – much like really knowing what it is like by looking at photographs from war-torn, violence ridden countries.