/P Animate Projects commissions artists to make work that explores the relationship between contemporary art and animation, for broadcast, gallery, cinema and online exhibition.

Life Size Zoetrope, Mark Simon Hewis
The Life Size Zoetrope by Mark Hewis, 2007

Primitive, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, image © Chayaporn Maneesutham, courtesy of Kick the Machine Films
Primitive by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2009
Phantoms of Nabua,* portrait of a home and primitive installation

Unfolding the Aryan Papers by Jane and Louise Wilson, 2009
a video based on materials from Stanley Kubrick Archive, Aryan Papers, he never made.

The Black Dog’s Progress by Stephen Irwin, 2008
told through a series of flip books


I can’t get a picture out of head. It’s of 3 dead children from Gaza lying on a blanket. Their grieving father looks down on them. The picture is small so you can barely see blood. They look like they are sleeping – 3 children looking adorable like children do when asleep. but they are not. I don’t want to put the photo here because I don’t want to become immune to the haunting power it has in my mind. i can’t decide if I even want to link to it for future reference. I woke up thinking about it.

Tuesday in Gaza Video, no sound from BBC

from Haaretz – war is clearly a phallic experience
watching video from there, all war is from a distance – no human suffering, no real mention of civilian dead/wounded – humanitarian crisis only mentioned in relation to other countries (no US) crying for help. Amira Hass continues to write small yet huge stories that tell first hand stories of people living and dying in Gaza:

  • A. offered his own take on the situation: “I keep the children away from the windows because the F-16s are in the air; I forbid them to play below because it’s dangerous. They’re bombing us from the sea and from the east, they’re bombing us from the air. When the telephone works, people tell us about relatives or friends who were killed. My wife cries all the time. At night she hugs the children and cries. It’s cold and the windows are open; there’s fire and smoke in open areas; at home there’s no water, no electricity, no heating gas. And you [the Israelis] say there’s no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Tell me, are you normal?”

more web wanderings – IRAQ

Tony Sandoval, a tanker with Sergeant Gray, took short video clips with his camera while stationed in Iraq. These clips show soldier life, from gun fights and fire control to horsing around with friends.
– from www.americanradioworks.publicradio.org/features/vets/.
Linked to doc. What Killed Sergeant Gray? [heard on npr today – must listen to full prgram]

uruknet.info : information from occupied iraq

Iraqi soldier website of photos

Iraq embassy in Tehran

Arab Image Foundation – Reloading Images

Akram Zaatari is coming today so I am revisiting the Arab Image Foundation and was led to this review about one of his exhibitions. am esp. struck by this passage – (i added bold)

  • …preservation of documents from the Middle East and North Africa. Zaatari is from Lebanon, a country whose history is marred by both physical annihilation and memory-related erosion, and his artistic practice is bound to a concept of salvaging the past, of preserving documents and collecting stories that contrast with the official state version of history.

was led to reloading images social network Damascus
and found artist KAYA. His website

Reloading Images is a collective of artists and cultural producers. Reloading Images analyzes and investigates images and opinions about the “here” and “there” and the “Orient” and “Occident,” attempting to find means of visualization for these particular themes that go beyond the clichéd and polarized positions of the mass media. Through this, Reloading Images wishes to acquire a differentiated method of observation to view the “Other” as well as the “Self”.
(project of NewYorkRioTokyo)
Land(e)scape – image of nature and the nature of the image Read this later in relation to my landscape work.
The Picture in the Mirror
Images, Perception and Stereotypes

news with no pictures

after a sicilian dinner here in bellagio, listening to donovan, season of witch.

just read this article in the times:

As Taliban Overwhelm Police, Pakistanis Hit Back – Citizens have been encouraged to form posses of their own in a sign of the shortcomings of Pakistan’s police forces.
No photo links, no video links. the images I see in my mind are horrific. I think about the “witness videos” i’ve been watching and other various video and see how the internet is making us think we know more, have seen more, but I read this and think I’ve seen nothing.

Eddie Weinstein who was one of 100 who escaped Treblinka

Rape victim in Somalia (CNN) stoned to death for adultery.
same story in IHT

Edmund Teske

got an email today about his archive which made me do an image search.

Faust, 1936, and the book looks like an open laptop.

The gods received me into the secret chambers of an exquisite photographic happening, which for me is the high point of purity.
–Edmund Teske [more from Getty Site]

I have such clear memories of my workshop – i can see myself driving in my white capri. The smell chemicals in his house. Dark, musty, things all over. The beautiful woman from someplace in Europe who made a pass at me. Hard to say exactly how it affected me but truly took me out of what I know which I needed (and need.)