NASA officials and engineers celebrate the Apollo 11 landing as the CBS telecast featuring Walter Cronkite is broadcast on television screens in Mission Control.

He died July 17, 2009 at 92


good Frank Rich op ed piece july 26

Egypt mourns ‘headscarf martyr’

Egyptians flash a poster showing 32-year old pregnant Egyptian woman Marwa el-Sherbini,

Monday July 6, 2009, who was stabbed by a German man in a courtroom in eastern Germany last week, during a protest in Cairo, Egypt. The woman was to testify against the man in court after he allegedly called her an Islamist and a terrorist in 2008. German prosecutors say a 28-year-old man who fatally stabbed Marwa was driven by a deep xenophobic hate of foreigners. Arabic read as ” the veil martyr”. Arabic read as ” the veil martyr”. (AP Photo/Mohammed Ahmed), more on BBC

Tiananmen 20 years later #3

more umbrella blocking of CNN corresponent

**video looking back from Guardian UK, article, and timeline of 6 weeks of protest

audio recollection on BBC
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slideshow on MSNBC

Bullets Over Beijing By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF
Twenty years after the events in Tiananmen Square, why is China frozen politically even as it has transformed economically?