Blogging Conflict on the Street

photo above from September 22, 2010, 6:11 PM- a twit pic from the blogger/activist Joseph Dana. Found it as I was reading the Lede blog this morning and following links from more current stories [link]

His site led me to a blog he writes for which looks like a good source for news on Palestinian/Israeli conflict: +972

972 is a blog-based web magazine that is jointly owned by a group of Israeli journalists and bloggers. The writers’ goal is to provide fresh, original, on-the-ground analysis and reporting of events in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The name of the magazine is derived from the telephone area code that is shared by Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Another disturbing post on 972, Tuesday, September 21 2010 by Lisa Goldman
The things they see: children at play in Jerusalem

Laura Ling and Euna Lee, Bill Clinton return to US

no words needed – Now it is 6:15, about 7.5 hours after I posted this video and the raw footage is gone and now we have a newscaster telling us the obvious and the video gets framed within the stage.

from Lede Blog
As my colleagues Mark Landler and Peter Baker report, Al Gore was present this morning at the airport in Burbank, Calif., when Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who work as journalists for his company, Current TV, returned home to the United States after four months in North Korean custody. Britain’s Channel 4 News posted the raw video of the emotional homecoming embedded above on their Web site.

adding more at 6:30pm
from BBC

Leaving Korea video
Arriving Burbank video (this same footage had no sound this morning)
Laura Ling tells story of departure and give thanks video

story, photos, and video from MSNBC

RAW FOOTAGE via you tube
Euna Lee’s family (very voyueristic)

Iran’s opposition movement consecrated another martyr Sohrab Aarabi..
read Lede blog post with amazing video tribute

Sohrab Aarabi, the 19 year old protestor, who disappeared on 15 June during a demonstration in Tehran, was buried today at Behesht Zahra Cemetery in Tehran 13 July 2009 – funeral videos and photos

Bloggers using Twitter added the tag #Sohrab to many of their updates on the post-election turmoil, alongside the tag #Neda, indicating that he has become, like Neda Agha-Soltan, a martyr.


NASA officials and engineers celebrate the Apollo 11 landing as the CBS telecast featuring Walter Cronkite is broadcast on television screens in Mission Control.

He died July 17, 2009 at 92


good Frank Rich op ed piece july 26

Natalia Estemirova

On the Killing of Natalia Estemirova

Our friend and colleague was killed today. July 17. 2009/ For almost ten years Natalia was the leading activist of HRC Memorial in the North Caucasus, in Chechnya. She did not only collect information about violations of human rights. She was a true human rights activist standing for common people. Natalia tried to help the victims of bombings, sweep-up operations, tortures. She demanded that authorities did impossible things – stop illegal actions. And she managed to succeed believing in her right cause and rule of law. Her work made Natalia famous throughout Chechnya. People came to her for help hoping that the crimes would at least be given publicity.

Video at NYT> C.J. Chivers, a correspondent for The New York Times, describes how she helped him with an article in 2006.
–upsetting video in many ways – first the content, and second, how the atrocity of the beating of a Chechnyan woman is replayed more than what seems necessary. What is purpose of repetition of humiliating footage the second/third time? Why repeat images that are so horrific that don’t need repetition? (Original video report – Revival of Brutality in Chechyna)
More Chechyna @ NYT

Iran – death of Neda

too upsetting to post many photos or videos so will just note links

Neda Agha-Soltan was killed June 20 during a protest in Tehran
TIME story | link to photos
Lede Blog on June 22 – the video still below haunts just like the one of the little boy being shielded by his father in West Bank the moment before he is killed. the moment before death

only Al-Jazeera blurs her face
Al-Jazeera Iran in Crisis

incredible memorial page on Facebook
a photo of her alive in collaged in front of a media still
rather than a ghost image – it is an image of fate to come