Trummerflora: On the Topography of Terrors

Trummerflora: On the Topography of Terrors – Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison

This four-part work proposes an interactive memorial that is not a monument. The first part is the trummerflora, or rubble flowers, made of the materials of the site itself and of those which find their way to the site without human agency. The second part is the signage which would tell the story of the history of the site during the Nazi period, location by location. The third part already exists in a small wooden Quonset hut on the site, called the Topograpie of Terrors, where the story of the activities of the Gestapo, from its inception in the early Nazi party, is told in word and image. The fourth part would exist in a room yet to be built next to the Topographie of Terrors building, which would duplicate the building’s shape but not its contents, serving instead as a memorial to the victims.