Art in the 1980s: The Forgotten History of PAD/D

Art in the 1980s: The Forgotten History of PAD/D

Art in the 1980s: The Forgotten History of PAD/D

Great piece in Hyperallergic about the PAD/D (Political Art Documentation and Distribution) collective and its archive which is now at MoMA library in Queens.

A lot of this was happening when I first moved to NYC. In retrospect, I don’t understand why I didn’t get involved.

I love the last line of the article in how it speaks about why we make archives:  “The archive is in a place that will forever be there, and perhaps no one will show it much attention. But maybe one day, someone will see it, and will.” [by artist Mimi Smith.]

And there is a second essay
 with many great selections
from the archive.

@ Walid Raad Talk

1989-2004 Atlas Group – history of the wars in Lebannon. possibility and limits of writing. Archives:
type A – authored
type FD – “found”
Atlas Group Productions

created notebooks by main historian – Dr. Fakhouri – i.e. photofinish notebooks – historian betting on how far off will the photographer’s “photofinish” be.

It is photographic documents of artifacts in the archive that more important than the objects themselves. Look up 2 film camers Dr. Fakhouri always had with him.

My neck is thinner than a hair: A History of Car Bombs in the Lebannon Wars (1975-1991) 3,641 car bombs during these years

New project:
Scratching on things I could disavow: A history of art in the Arab World
part 1/volume 1/ chapter 1

“Art as alternative asset class.” – Mutual Art and Artist Pension Trust

more on Walid Raad

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Museu d’Art Contemorani de Barcelona publication and exhbition links


William Pope L., How Much is that Nigger in the Window
Franklin Furnace 1991

CECUT Project 
Krzysztof Wodiczko, Adam Whiton, Sung Ho Kim

The purpose was to use progressive technology to give voice and visibility to the women who work in the “maquiladora” industry in Tijuana. We designed a headset that integrated a camera and a microphone allowing the wearer to move while keeping the transmitted image in focus. The headset was connected to two projectors and loudspeakers that transmitted the testimonies live.  read more