To publish or not publish fallen soldiers

Behind the Scenes: To Publish or Not?
By By David W. Dunlap
from NYT Lens blog
September 4, 2009
After intramural debate and over the objections of the young man’s father, The Associated Press released a photograph of a mortally wounded marine – Joshua Bernard- in Afghanistan.

Slideshow with audio by Julie Jacobson, AP photographer, Death of A Marine: A Photographer’s Journal
both marine and photographer are nameless in the title
Jacobson journal entry 9.3.09

Photo to the right taken moments before he was shot.

AP story about what happened to Joshua Bernard without reporting on the story of publishing the photo – interestingly, no photo published.

AP statement on publishing photo

The story about AP publishing the story on September 5 in NYTimes
from the BBC Viewfinder blog
Huffington Post
Tampa Bay – google images photo of Bernard moments after being shot came up as 2nd photo and the only one of this Joshua Bernard on the first page of the google image search.
MSNBC story, slideshows, video

128 stories about publishing the photo from a google search

I carry this with Me – MSNBC