War Images As Evidence in War Trials

Powerful story and images – posting so I remember it.

Ron Haviv’s Bosnian War Images As Evidence in War Trials – NYTimes.com.

“The photographs really didn’t have any of the effect that I had hoped they would,” said Mr. Haviv, who was put on a death list by Arkan. “I was hoping to prevent the war. And of course, there was no reaction. The war started, 100,000 to 200,000 people were killed on all sides and several million more became refugees – which led to the war in Kosovo.”

While the images did not stop the Bosnian ethnic cleansing, his photos have had another life: as evidence used by investigators and prosecutors


massage the image

Found poetry while reading about camera raw adjustments

When shooting conditions are suboptimal, the best you can do is make sure you get the shot and then massage the image in post-production.

In the Presence adjustments, I really got heavy-handed.

Picard family album

Picard family album – Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki.

In 2371, following the news that his brotherRobert and nephew René had died in a fire at the Picard home in La Barre, Picard looked through the album in his quarters aboard theUSS Enterprise-D with Deanna Troi. The album was later placed in his ready room, where it was recovered after the crash landing of the Enterprise’s saucer section on Veridian III. Picard kept the album with him following his assignment to the USS Enterprise-E.