orecchio – ear – oido – oreille

i think it is TMJ
Treating TMJ

it has been an unbelievably painful two weeks of ear pain. I think my migraines have given me the tolerance to deal with the pain, but like my migraines there are times I need to check out, not have to talk to anyone, and pretend I am ok. I have been fighting the impulse to say I am better when i am not so I won’t get much attention.

2 visits here from a dr in town; 2 visits to Prof. Dr. Spinelli in Como and the Como hospital, ear tests, 3 antibiotics – levoxacin, pantoxin, and amoxicillian, 2 steroids – deflan and pregonesone, and nose drops. oy. At least I know my hearing is good. It has been made it really hard to concentrate which I realize I have been downplaying, and I have been using the web as my escape just like i use TV. Now thanks to Nick and Erika, I think is TMJ and am trying heat, cold, and then advil throughout the day. All the medication has at least cut down on my migraines.

a photo from our day in como:


out of bed at 6:30 – couldn’t sleep

Obama has 2,401,259 supporters on Facebook

Relationship Status:
Married to
Michelle Obama
August 4, 1961
Religious Views:
Basketball, writing, loafing w/ kids
Favorite Music:
Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder,
Johann Sebastian Bach (cello suites), and The Fugees
Favorite Movies:
Casablanca, Godfather I & II, Lawrence of Arabia and
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Favorite Books:
Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison), Moby Dick,
Shakespeare’s Tragedies, Parting the Waters, Gilead (Robinson), Self-Reliance (Emerson), The Bible, Lincoln’s Collected Writings
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Quotations:
“The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends
towards justice.” (MLK)

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a new newsource: Gulf News from UAE
their ethics (??)

UAE Journalism code of ethics

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