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PANORAMA EPHEMERA 2004, Rick Prelinger
PANORAMA EPHEMERA (2004, 89:35 min., color and black and white) is a collage of sequences drawn from a wide variety of ephemeral (industrial, advertising, educational and amateur) films, touring the conflicted landscapes of twentieth-century America.

Experimental Film in the Internet Archive

UbuWeb is a large web-based educational resource for avant-garde material available on the internet, founded in 1996 by poet Kenneth Goldsmith. It offers visual, concrete and sound poetry, expanding to include film and sound art mp3 archives.

Library of Congress: American Memory
Archival Storytelling
book: Archival Storytelling: A Filmmaker’s Guide to Finding, Using, and Licensing Third-Party Visuals and Music (Paperback) by Sheila Curran Bernard (Author), Kenn Rabin (Author) – Focal Press

Arab Image Foundation – Reloading Images

Akram Zaatari is coming today so I am revisiting the Arab Image Foundation and was led to this review about one of his exhibitions. am esp. struck by this passage – (i added bold)

  • …preservation of documents from the Middle East and North Africa. Zaatari is from Lebanon, a country whose history is marred by both physical annihilation and memory-related erosion, and his artistic practice is bound to a concept of salvaging the past, of preserving documents and collecting stories that contrast with the official state version of history.

was led to reloading images social network Damascus
and found artist KAYA. His website

Reloading Images is a collective of artists and cultural producers. Reloading Images analyzes and investigates images and opinions about the “here” and “there” and the “Orient” and “Occident,” attempting to find means of visualization for these particular themes that go beyond the clichéd and polarized positions of the mass media. Through this, Reloading Images wishes to acquire a differentiated method of observation to view the “Other” as well as the “Self”.
(project of NewYorkRioTokyo)
Land(e)scape – image of nature and the nature of the image Read this later in relation to my landscape work.
The Picture in the Mirror
Images, Perception and Stereotypes

news with no pictures

after a sicilian dinner here in bellagio, listening to donovan, season of witch.

just read this article in the times:

As Taliban Overwhelm Police, Pakistanis Hit Back – Citizens have been encouraged to form posses of their own in a sign of the shortcomings of Pakistan’s police forces.
No photo links, no video links. the images I see in my mind are horrific. I think about the “witness videos” i’ve been watching and other various video and see how the internet is making us think we know more, have seen more, but I read this and think I’ve seen nothing.

Eddie Weinstein who was one of 100 who escaped Treblinka

Rape victim in Somalia (CNN) stoned to death for adultery.
same story in IHT