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BANG-ON REENLISTMENT – U.S. Air Force Capt. Joshua Tyler, left, re-enlists Staff Sgt. Andrew Petrulis, Explosive Ordnance Division craftsman, at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan, Oct. 27, 2008. Petrulis’ teammates took advantage of a training opportunity to time the “fireball” detonation at a safe distance to make the reenlistment a more memorable event for their comrade. Tyler and Petrulis are assigned to the 755th Air Expeditionary Group Explosive Ordinance Disposal Operating Location. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Samuel Morse – Nov 4, 2008 logo

1.25.08 (from January front page photos)

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Korean War 50th Anniversary via DOD

news with no pictures

after a sicilian dinner here in bellagio, listening to donovan, season of witch.

just read this article in the times:

As Taliban Overwhelm Police, Pakistanis Hit Back – Citizens have been encouraged to form posses of their own in a sign of the shortcomings of Pakistan’s police forces.
No photo links, no video links. the images I see in my mind are horrific. I think about the “witness videos” i’ve been watching and other various video and see how the internet is making us think we know more, have seen more, but I read this and think I’ve seen nothing.

Eddie Weinstein who was one of 100 who escaped Treblinka

Rape victim in Somalia (CNN) stoned to death for adultery.
same story in IHT