Sans Soleil

Migraine January 10, 2016
Today I have another migraine, it is sunny outside, I am inside, and watching San Soleil/Sunless by Chris Marker. Be inspired and take my mind off the pain.

More for my never-ending Chris Marker research:

Personal Effects: The Guarded Intimacy of Sans Soleil – From the Current – The Criterion Collection by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Letter to Theresa by Chris Marker – Behind the Veils of Sans Soleil

Sans Soleil / Sunless TEXT

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Bruce Connor

Found this post on BRUCE CONNOR

Seeing his films in graduate school was one of those ah ha moments for me. I still remember going to his visit artist talk because I went to all the visiting artist talks. And his films using found and stock imagery opened up a entire new world for me and I can see started my ephemeral dissolving image obsession thing I have. I remember after the screening he said that he would show more films in one of the film classrooms and I went along hungry to see more. I can almost see myself then as I write this but I can’t see Bruce Connor – just his films.

Films now at Film Forum – links to reviews

and a new blog to check out – Idiom

Yvonne Rainer inspires me

Yvonne Rainer‘s first film, Hand Movie, was shot by fellow dancer William Davis when Rainer was confined to a hospital bed, recovering from major surgery and unable to dance. The resulting five minutes of footage is a sustained close-up shot of Rainer’s hand against a grey background as it stretches and contracts, bends and points, performing the kinds of everyday, quotidian movements that characterize her pioneering minimalist choreography. watch on ubweb.
Notes from the Era of Imperfect memory is an randomly-compiled, taxonomically naive and hopefully useful archive of ruminations, bibliographic & filmographic notations, untimely meditations, mnemonic minutiae and other glosses on the cinematic, written, photographic and multimedia work of world-citizen & time-traveler Chris Marker – the “mercurial international man of semiotic mystery.

More CM info from Harvard Archives