Mirgaine Register series notes
During my migraine cycles, which have sometimes lasted for months at a time, I wake up with an excruciating headache many mornings. First, I take medication. Then I get back in bed with my laptop, reading e-mail and surfing the web. This semi-mindless activity is the most effective way for me distract myself from the pain for the hour or two it takes for the medication to kick in enough for me to get up and begin to function more fully.

I always intend to keep a written log of my headaches for myself and for my doctors, but, somehow, I have never been able to record them in words. My web cam has become my mirror and my migraine register. I take photos of myself only on days when a migraine invades my life. In her essay “In Bed,” Joan Didion gives voice to her migraine suffering through words. I use photoshop to express what I can’t articulate: how to make pain visible.