Natalia Estemirova

On the Killing of Natalia Estemirova

Our friend and colleague was killed today. July 17. 2009/ For almost ten years Natalia was the leading activist of HRC Memorial in the North Caucasus, in Chechnya. She did not only collect information about violations of human rights. She was a true human rights activist standing for common people. Natalia tried to help the victims of bombings, sweep-up operations, tortures. She demanded that authorities did impossible things – stop illegal actions. And she managed to succeed believing in her right cause and rule of law. Her work made Natalia famous throughout Chechnya. People came to her for help hoping that the crimes would at least be given publicity.

Video at NYT> C.J. Chivers, a correspondent for The New York Times, describes how she helped him with an article in 2006.
–upsetting video in many ways – first the content, and second, how the atrocity of the beating of a Chechnyan woman is replayed more than what seems necessary. What is purpose of repetition of humiliating footage the second/third time? Why repeat images that are so horrific that don’t need repetition? (Original video report – Revival of Brutality in Chechyna)
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