Migraines #irl

Today is my 10th day with this migraine. I am now on steroids – after trying every form of triptan migraine medicine I have to get rid of it as well getting an injection of toradol from my doctor, it is still here. Today it is the worst it’s been.  When I have prolonged periods with migraine like this, I want to work on my Migraine Register project. I even started an instagram account for the project last week. As a result, I have been researching online alot, which brings me back to this piece I made in 2014. Looking at the images of women most commonly used: they have long straight hair, are white, have perfect photoshopped skin, need to touch their temples and foreheads, and don’t look at the camera. I offer an alternative.
Migraines in real life vs top Googlei mages

Original text from December 13, 2014:
Over a week with daily migraines. On steroids so can’t sleep. Trapped in my body. Not a pretty picture like the photoshopped straight-haired women with white flawless skin acting out migraines online. Pain is not beautiful.