Marina Abramovic

A collection of links I have read, looked at, listened to, and re-visted about Marina Abramovic

MOMA exhibition site

Flickr Gallery: photos by Marco Anelli

MOMA blog: Marina Abramovic

Times Topics: Marina Abramovic

Sitting with Marina by Arthur Danto
follow up post, On Art, Action, and Meaning

Marina Abramovic and Ulay, Imponderabilia, 1977. (Excerpt)
very few smiles and most face Marina.

Marina Abramovic Webcam Captures by Dimitri Chrysanthopoulos

The World Just Cannot Get Over Marina Abramovic from Jezebel

The Anxiety of Influence – BOMBLOG A doppleganger creates her own performance by sitting all day dressed as Marina.

Info @ Sean Kelly Gallery

ArtForum diary report of celebratory dinner at MOMA by Linda Yablonsky