Laura Ling and Euna Lee, Bill Clinton return to US

no words needed – Now it is 6:15, about 7.5 hours after I posted this video and the raw footage is gone and now we have a newscaster telling us the obvious and the video gets framed within the stage.

from Lede Blog
As my colleagues Mark Landler and Peter Baker report, Al Gore was present this morning at the airport in Burbank, Calif., when Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who work as journalists for his company, Current TV, returned home to the United States after four months in North Korean custody. Britain’s Channel 4 News posted the raw video of the emotional homecoming embedded above on their Web site.

adding more at 6:30pm
from BBC

Leaving Korea video
Arriving Burbank video (this same footage had no sound this morning)
Laura Ling tells story of departure and give thanks video

story, photos, and video from MSNBC

RAW FOOTAGE via you tube
Euna Lee’s family (very voyueristic)