site of Bali 2002 bombers execution yesterday
BBC video on bombing and execution
BBC video of aftermath of burial

Yesterday Nani spoke about the wait to execute and how there was worldwide sentiment against it. And then it happens.

Nani left this morning at 6ish. We can feel her absence. I feel changed by knowing her. Her kindness, openness, and inquistiveness were astounding. Last night she sang for us a song of ‘we are the world’ sentiment that is ubiquitous though none of us could name it. A song I wrote off because it was schmaltzly. Then Nani sings it and it is deeply meaningful.

I feel this visit here has put many things in perspective. I think it matters being about health professions, history, scientists, and human rights activities. remember this and Nani when I return to the times of petiness of my life at home.