I can’t get a picture out of head. It’s of 3 dead children from Gaza lying on a blanket. Their grieving father looks down on them. The picture is small so you can barely see blood. They look like they are sleeping – 3 children looking adorable like children do when asleep. but they are not. I don’t want to put the photo here because I don’t want to become immune to the haunting power it has in my mind. i can’t decide if I even want to link to it for future reference. I woke up thinking about it.

Tuesday in Gaza Video, no sound from BBC

from Haaretz – war is clearly a phallic experience
watching video from there, all war is from a distance – no human suffering, no real mention of civilian dead/wounded – humanitarian crisis only mentioned in relation to other countries (no US) crying for help. Amira Hass continues to write small yet huge stories that tell first hand stories of people living and dying in Gaza:

  • A. offered his own take on the situation: “I keep the children away from the windows because the F-16s are in the air; I forbid them to play below because it’s dangerous. They’re bombing us from the sea and from the east, they’re bombing us from the air. When the telephone works, people tell us about relatives or friends who were killed. My wife cries all the time. At night she hugs the children and cries. It’s cold and the windows are open; there’s fire and smoke in open areas; at home there’s no water, no electricity, no heating gas. And you [the Israelis] say there’s no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Tell me, are you normal?”