Duane Michaels

I brought my class to listen to Duane Michaels in Shelley Rice’s class. I took a workshop with him in 1976 in Arles. I remember him being the bright light in the workshop in the way he was not afraid to say anything and he is doing that now. Talking about art as part of life and what things feel like – passion.

Some great things he is saying

• You have to do things that come into your head.
• I like surprises, wit, imagination
• The Art World and the World of Art are not the same.
• If I have idea on Monday, I have it done by Friday.
• To make it great, you have to make mistakes
• Photographs become more interesting when you annotate them. It is bullshit that you can ‘capture’ something. what we know about is ourselves – our anger, etc. We are afraid to show them.
• ‘Things are Queer’ – don’t tell me what I know.