And babies & artist interventions

Art Worker’s Coalition (Frazer Dougherty, Jon Hendriks and Irving Petlin)”  1969-1970

Still trying to write my essay for ‘Photography & Atrocity’ book. I was thinking about artist interventions and this photo came to mind and typed in ‘and babies’ to google and the first 3 were these photos.  The words make us look. We read the question, pause and read the answer.  Tbe image stares at us stays in our consciousness.

– – – – –

Now thinking about Robert HEinecken and his interventions with magazines. I never made the connection with this work and mine, but now it is so clear – the cultural images we desire/cherish (beauty ads/family snapshots) and atrocity photos that have numbed us. There is a LOOK AT THIS in this combination that I strive for in Reverb and other of my works putting my family photographs in juxtaposition with my family photographs and self portraits.